NIOS admission 2019: NIOS Registration, Form, Fees, Last Date

NIOS admission 2019: NIOS Registration, Form, Fees, Last Date

NIOS admission 2019

National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is the only forum in India where students take admission, who want to complete education in private mode. Through the NIOS board, students can complete their education and continue their studies like the rest of the Board of Education, and make a career. NIOS Board was started by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), which aims to provide education to the children and youth of the rural or backward classes of the society who can learn and study without the schools.

NIOS admission 2019 Details

  • To provide formal education to children in the rural areas of the country where there is no facility of schools.
  • Providing education to those who could not complete their basic education.
  • Those students who have failed in the board exam (which is from any other board) of class 10 or class 12, with the facility of on-demand examination of NIOS, complete their Class 10 or Class 12 in the same year Can do it.

Is NIOS a global board?

The NIOS board operates in 21 regional centers and 4 sub-centers in India, as well as 6351 study centers in India and 31 study centers operated in UAE, Kuwait, Muscat, Bahrain, Nepal, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

How can students study by NIOS?

Students can basically complete education from class 1 to class 8 in NIOS. And as well as class 10, class 12 or vocational courses, you can complete your education.

For the education of secondary and senior secondary level, NIOS provides students with the choice of curriculum, learning speed, and CBSE for students to transfer their marks. This facility also provides for all other National / State School Education Board and State Open Schools.

How To Apply For NIOS?

Students can get admission in secondary (class 10), senior secondary (class 12) or vocational courses and basic education through National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). In addition, those students who have failed in other boards exams in class 10th or 12th, have passed the Class 10th or 12th Board exams by entering the on-demand examination of the NIOS board (ODE) I can.

NIOS board offers admission procedures for new students every year, because this open board follows the examination scheme twice a year. Students who want to take admission in NIOS board can take admission in block I or block II in stream 1. Click here for full information on this topic.

NIOS: Tutor Marked Assignment

Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) is the NIOS assignment to be presented by enrolled courses at grade 10 or class 12 level. Under which for each subject selected by the students, there will be three assignments, each assignment will be based on 6 questions. It is compulsory for the students to submit all assignments in the accredited institution (AI) allocated for evaluation and to submit teachers / tutors / coordinators.

How is NIOS different from other education boards?

NIOS is available for secondary, senior secondary and voluntary education as an open board, whereas other boards like CBSE, ICSE and State Board comply with a school system.

NIOS offers the option of formal education by providing distance education program in class 10th and 12th standard.

Frequently asked questions about NIOS and their answers:

There are many suspects in the minds of the students about NIOS studies. In order to overcome these doubts, we have provided some important questions to the students and their answers here. With the help of these, students will get answers to many questions related to NIOS.

question 1. What is NIOS?

Answer: The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is an educational organization that imparts education through open and distance learning, and the national boards, such as the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) And the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) conducts examinations for the pre-degree level at the level of boards and Rmanptr also provided.

Question 2. What is the Open and Distance Learning or ODL Education System?

Answer: Open and Distance Education (ODL) is an innovative concept to provide educational opportunities in a convenient way based on self-study material (SLM) and the pace of learners. In this medium, educational help is also provided to the learner in addition to the Self Learning Material, PCP (Tutor Marked Assessment) and the PCP.

Question 3. What is the difference between open schooling education and regular schooling education system?

Answer: Regular school education system is a traditional education system in a formal arrangement of class system with a timetable. Whereas free school education is the method of evaluation of learner self-study in a convenient way and according to its preparation. The free education system is extremely useful for the learners who are unable to get formal education due to economic, social or geographical reasons or want to get education as well as do some kind of employment. Click here to find out more important questions related to NIOS and their answer in more detail.

Subjects List As per NIOS for 10th & 12th Class

Hindi (201) Hindi (301)
English (202) English (302)
Bengali (203) Bengali (303)
Marathi (204) Tamil (304)
Telugu (205) Odia(305)
Urdu (206) Urdu (306)
Gujarati (207) Sanskrit (309)
Kannada (208) Gujarati (307)
Sanskrit(209) Punjabi (310)
Punjabi (210) Mathematics (311)
Assamese (228) Physics (312) (20 Marks Practical)
Nepali (231) Chemistry (313) (20 Marks Practical)
Malayalam (232) Biology (314) (20 Marks Practical)
Oriya (233) History (315)
Arabic (235) Geography (316) (20 Marks Practical)
Persian (236) Political Science (317)
Tamil (237) Economics (318)
Mathematics (211) (Practical-15 Marks) Commerce/Business Studies (319)
Science and Technology (212) (15 Marks Practical) Accountancy (320)
Social Science (213) Home Science (321) (20 Marks Practical)
Economics (214) Pschology (328)
Business Studies (215) Computer Science (330) (40 Marks Practical)
Home Science (216) (15 Marks Practical) Sociology (331)
Psychology (222) Painting (332) (70 Marks Practical)
Indian Culture and Heritage (223) Environmental Science (333) (20 Marks Practical)
Accountancy (223) Mass Communication (335) (20 Marks Practical)
Painting (225) (70 Marks Practical) Data Entry Operations (336) (60 Marks Practical)
Data Entry (229) (60 Marks Practical) Introduction to Law (338) (20 Marks Practical)
. Library and Information Science (338) (20 Marks Practical)
. Tourism (337)

NIOS Examination Sample Paper

Download Science Sample PaperDownload
Download Arts Sample PaperDownload
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